Protests of Amazon on parallel tracks

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Rizzoli and Amazon launch BigJump, a Literary Award for unpublished Novels in Italy

Rizzoli, Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and the Italian startup 20lines launched BigJump, the first literary contest devoted to thrillers, romance and historical novels where readers will contribute to award a prize to the  participating novels. Authors can take part in the contest for free with an unpublished or self-published novel. Registration begins ends on February 14, 2014. To learn more about the rules (in Italian language), visit www.BigJump.it. Read more »

Launching open value-added bundles in Italy (pbook+ebook)

Italian RCS Libri publishing group has just launched “110 Libri+” (literally 110 Books+), the first mass-market publishing initiative in Italy to offer value-added p+e bundles in the main online bookstores. Read more »

Co-Publishing: The Third Way between Traditional Publishing and Self-Publishing ?

INTRO Thanks to the digital revolution new opportunities have arisen for both the traditional publishing and the self-publishing industries. The two businesses so far have been developing on two orthogonal paths without any relevant crossing. Read more »

52 seconds

However hard I try to offer a balanced perspective on this market, I find myself once again back at Amazon, heaping praise on them. 

This weekend saw the launch of their first UK TV ad. Which is a minor triumph in itself. There are only so many Kindle ads with shiny happy Americans in bikinis us Brits can stomach.  Read more »

Orna Ross, the Pudding Would Like a Word — @Porter_Anderson

The recipe I've found for Yorkshire Pudding calls for "four fresh eggs." Have you ever wondered why recipes always specify "fresh?" Would anyone knowingly go for four stale eggs? Never mind. Not the point of our time together here. Read more »

eBook streaming on Pinterest. A new service for book lovers just launched by RCS Libri in Italy.

With the rise of Social Media, publishers, authors, journalists and bloggers are jumping on the bandwagon of Facebook and Twitter.

If we were to use the diffusion of innovation framework by Prof. Roger, we could perhaps say that after Innovators and Early Adopters also Early Majority is moving in now. Read more »

Kindle and Nook dominate as iMacPad dwindles

The 2014 results are in and Apple’s iMacPad has for the first time dropped out of the top three ebook devices globally. It was a close run thing with readers finally focussing all their attention on pure ebook readers and dropping their use of tablets for books.

[To remove any doubt, and keep the lawyers at bay, what follows is a pure work of fiction. I do not, or have not possessed a time travel device and my psychic powers are not as good as they may appear. However, anything I am proved right on I reserve the right to say ‘I told you so’]. Read more »

Connecting the dots - MBA Alumni for the nascent e-book industry Europe?

The digital trade book business in Europe is booming and unlike US doesn’t show any sign of growth deceleration. In Europe, with perhaps the exception of UK, the weight of digital is still so small that the conventional market friction forces aren’t strong enough to absorb the important momentum tied to the digital book rise. Read more »

Accessible Italian eBooks in the launching pad


The LIA project – Libri Italiani Accessibili (Accessible Italian books) by AIE (Italian Publishers’s Association) aims at creating a service to increase the availability ebooks for blind and visually impaired readers, by exploiting the opportunities offered by technologies. The project promotes a cultural change in the way the publishing value chain actors deal with the issue of accessibility. Read more »

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