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Are you measuring your metrics?

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal in the summer of 2012, leading American novelist Scott Turow voiced his frustration at the publishing industry’s failure to study its customer base. He recalled saying to one of his publishers: “I’ve been publishing with you for a long time and you still don’t know who buys my books” and receiving the reply, “Well, nobody in publishing knows that.” Read more »

Selling direct – what you need to know

The concept of selling direct to consumers (D2C) is, traditionally, alien to most publishers. For centuries, their route to market has been almost exclusively through intermediaries. Then along came digital publishing with a bundle of technologies that gave publishers the opportunity to bypass the intermediaries and sell direct to their readers. This prospect looked interesting. Despite being an industry populated largely by non-technical people, they had recently got to grips with converting their print backlists into digital books. Read more »

Is the future HTML5?

A few weeks ago I was asked to be on the panel of a Publishing Expo 2012 event. The topic?  “Apps versus  ePub versus  HTML5”.  An odd choice of words, not least because HTML5 is used in both Apps and ePub 3. So why ‘versus’ ? Read more »

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