The limits of crowd-funding (An experiment part 1)

One of our authors has, over two Kickstarter campaigns, raised well over £100,000 and has established, from nothing, a business with a turnover in excess of $1million. Not an unusual story, but still an aspirational one, right?

He was an established photography how-to author in our list, and the devices he has so successfully brought to market via crowd-funding were aimed at photographers. Nevertheless word of his 'Kickstarter guru' status was spreading; he's even lecturing on it at various London universities. Read more »

How digital stalking can get you published


Nathan M Farrugia’s recently released debut novel The Chimera Vector has dropped into a sea of digital content at the centre of a global conversation around the future of reading. Read more »

The Chimera Vector: The Future of Storytelling - A Case Study

Best selling author Xavier Waterkeyn discusses his views on transmedia, the future of storytelling and The Chimera Vector Project: We may not know it completely yet, but we’re on the cusp of the most radical shift in storytelling history. The digitization of media is revolutionizing the way we tell stories and the way we consume them. But can we, as storytellers, keep up with the changes that are happening under our very noses? Read more »

Q&A: Balance of Powers / Kickstarter collaborative team

I intereviewed the collaborative team behind the Balance of Powers collaborative book which they aim to fund through Kickstarter.

What's the elevator pitch for this project? Read more »

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