You are your metadata: #FutureChat

"I love algorithms. They get you so much more of the way there than starting with human search." And a lot of folks who agree with Bowker's Laura Dawson were glad she said that during Friday's #FutureChat with The Bookseller's community. Read more »

Launching open value-added bundles in Italy (pbook+ebook)

Italian RCS Libri publishing group has just launched “110 Libri+” (literally 110 Books+), the first mass-market publishing initiative in Italy to offer value-added p+e bundles in the main online bookstores. Read more »

FutureBook Innovation Awards - open for entry

Excited to announce that the FutureBook Innovation awards are now open. Launched 3 years ago, the awards were the first of their kind to recognise publishing innovation. Read more »

Confessions of a Marketing Pimp.

You don’t have to click on too many publishing related links on Twitter these days to realise that we’ve decided that this season MARKETING is the new black.

Brilliant. New black, same as the old black. Read more »

Amazon is not a miracle cure for obscurity

Fellow self-publisher and Futurebook blogger Walter Ellis writes about the problems that authors face promoting their books to the reading public. He's right that it's hard to catch readers' attention but wrong to turn his back on social media.  Read more »

3 Critical Marketing Principles For Authors From The Bookseller Marketing and Publicity Conference

As one of the few authors who attended the Bookseller Marketing and Publicity conference this week, I was impressed with the incredible marketing campaigns that publishers have put together for their top authors and the books they decide to focus on. There are definitely some talented and enthusiastic marketing professionals out there and of course, all authors would love that kind of marketing attention. Read more »

What are we selling?

At the excellent Byte the Book event in London earlier this week, Michael Bhaskar, Rebecca Smart, Richard Kilgarriff and John Bond debated the changes hitting publishing and how this affects our business models. As it so often does, the question arose of how publishers provide value to their customers or authors. To answer this question, I think that publishers need to think more carefully about what they’re really selling. Read more »


It's crisis. Yes, still. When it will end? Nobody knows. Although, according to Bernard Wientjes of the Dutch labour union VNO-NCW, the crisis will end on 1 January 2016. Right… From previous crises, or attenuated variants thereof, the book world experienced little to no problems. Books are traditionally sold mostly to people who have a bit more to spend. You can at least clearly state that the largest group of book buyers is not on the lower end of the income level. Read more »

5 Things Publishers Need To Know About Dark Social

(1) What is Dark Social?

Dark Social? Sounds cool. What’s that then? Read more »

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