Welcome to Cooked. A bold project in a changing digital landscape

Commercialising content online (read: charging for content) has always been an opportunity for publishers and something that’s flourished in the academic scene for some time. However, commercialising online content for consumers has always been a bit more difficult. Over at Hardie Grant Publishing we’re about to try something we think is going to change that. Let me introduce you to Cooked. Read more »

Madness at the Games Show - Method in the Business?

So, the dust has settled following E3 and I can finally post a few thoughts up here.

For the uninitiated, E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) is the biggest trade-only videogames show in the world, held annually in LA. Read more »

The new dawn of fiction – how reading can survive in the modern age

Last week, a consortium of Dutch publishers unveiled the so called “delay app”, which allows the reader to choose a story to read while waiting. It allows the user to chose a story from a well-known Dutch author to match the time you spent waiting, from 5 to 60 minutes. It still has some issues: the app contains a certain amount of stories so no new content can be added and it is only for the iPad and iphone.  Read more »

Review: David Suzuki's The Legacy enhanced e-book app

Chris Book is CEO of Bardowl, a start-up Audiobook retailer in the UK ( He has reviewed David Suzuki's enhanced ebook app for FutureBook: David Suzuki is a geneticist, zoologist, broadcaster and author from Canada, where on retirement leading academics give a final lecture – their legacy – to their students and colleagues. And this book is based upon that lecture. Read more »

The Digital Crossroads

As the publishing industry immerses itself in what is fast becoming something of a digital revolution, publishers need to remain well-grounded and consider their 360° strategy whilst remaining flexible and open-minded, says Publishing Technology plc’s CEO, George Lossius. Read more »

'A Bright Future for Publishing': George Lossius speaks to The Bookseller

The Bookseller's Tom Tivnan speaks to George Lossius, CEO of Publishing Technology.

"Digital is not the demise of publishing," George Lossius says. "There is a really bright future for the publishing industry if they embrace it and have the right infrastructure in place." Read more »

Case Study: Lonely Planet's augmented reality guides

Kelly Brough, Global Director of Digital at Lonely Planet talks us through their augmented reality Compass Guides: Lonely Planet has a long history of helping travellers through new technology. Right from the start of the web, our Thorn Tree community offered travellers a place to meet and swap information, and you’ll still find more detailed advice on pretty much anywhere in the world quicker here than anywhere else. Read more »

Learning on the Go

Mobile Learning

  Read more »

Mobile Payment Transactions to Double in Value to $200bn by 2012

Mobile Payment Transactions to Double in Value to $200bn by 2012, according
to Juniper Research
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