FutureBook 2013: Susan Jurevics Q&A

Susan Jurevics is c.e.o. of Pottermore and speaker at FutureBook 2013.

and speaker at FutureBook 2013.and speaker at FutureBook 2013.

How do you balance attracting new fans and re-engaging fans that are now a little bit older? Read more »

Interview: Charlie Redmayne, ceo of Pottermore

Ahead of this year’s FutureBook Conference, The Bookseller's Felicity Wood talks to keynote speaker Charlie Redmayne, c.e.o. of Pottermore, about building brands and harnessing fans.   Read more »

Pottermore gets its wand on

Having been briefed on how the Harry Potter e-books would come to market last week, even I have been surprised by the reaction—particularly among the digerati who have spent the past 24 hours unpicking the nuances. Read more »

Just A few Questions, Ms. Rowling...

This really feels like a watershed moment, doesn't it?  So, briefly...

1) I'm a bit confused - how is watermarking not DRM by another name?

2) How will you enforce anti-piracy sanctions against offenders?  Will you prosecute?  If not, what use is it, really? Read more »

What's that coming over the hill?

Quite rightly, JK Rowling has decided to cut her publishers in on Pottermore. Publicly her publisher, Bloomsbury, are ‘delighted to be partnering’ Rowling. Privately I can imagine there’s been a certain amount of gritting of teeth – tempered with relief that she did not cut them out of the deal entirely. That would have been wrong, Bloomsbury have done a brilliant job of publishing her. Read more »

Pottermore Lessons (which I refuse to call "Learnings")

So, Pottermore exists, and it is a thing.

(But don't click on that link until after the 24th of June when the rush has died down a bit.) Read more »

If big authors do not need big publishers, then what are big publishers for?

If the rumours are true (and they would seem to be) and JK Rowling has sidelined the publishing industry to put the Harry Potter series into electronic formats under her own imprint then today marks the start of a new era in publishing. Read more »

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