Burning the Page - an instant review

I'll be honest, when I saw tweets yesterday mentioning a book from 'Kindle insider' Jason Merkoski I was rather excited. The initial interview on the New York Times' blog offered plenty of tantalising quotes. Read more »

Of Fake Reviews and Fake Followers

[Crossposted with my blog at - it's a bit long and sprawling for here and I was only going to wallop you with a snippet, but hey - you're all grown ups, right? You can handle the verbiage.] Read more »

A song of ice and fire: Enhanced Editions

Like many other devastatingly witty and handsome geeks worldwide, I’ve recently been engrossed in a seemingly endless saga of dynastic intrigue, vicious betrayal, espionage and political corruption. But enough about the Leveson inquiry! Ha ha, I’m here all week, please enjoy the buffet. Read more »

Website review:

Literary consultant Janette Currie reviews Canongate's new website for FutureBook: I heard Canongate was remodelling their superb Meetatthegate website I was concerned. Read more »

Review: Sticker Dolly Dressing App for iPad

Suzanne Collier from has kindly reviewed Usborne's first iPad app: I have to confess that the minute I saw Usborne tweet about this app I downloaded it - for me - as I thought it would be a fun. I also enlisted my 9 year old niece to review the app with me. Read more »

Website review: Angry Robot Books

Book reviewer Amanda Rutter has kindly provided our first website review: When I read Sam’s article concerning the general weakness of publisher websites, I broadly agreed with the points that she made. Read more »

App review site & Twitter listing

Having your app reviewed is one of the keys to success in the app store. Here is a long list of app review Twitter accounts with their website links. If you work for one of these review sites and you'd like to give some more information, please get in touch. Also if you'd like to add one, email me twitter at Read more »

Review: The Waste Land iPad app

Rachael Beale has kindly reviewed The Waste Land iPad app for FutureBook: Rumours of the death of the enhanced ebook have been greatly exaggerated. While we wait for the EPUB3 standard to be finalised, adopted and developed for, book apps are continuing to emerge in the App Store, and none more eagerly anticipated - by me, at least - than Faber Digital's iPad app of The Waste Land. Read more »

Review: D-Day 1944 for iPad app

Chris Book of AudioBook start-up Bardowl reviews D-Day app for FutureBook: First some context. I'm a technologist, my reviews will always be more technology focussed than content. I'm an audiobook fan and I listen more than I read. 

I am interested in Military History and especially WW2 so when the opportunity to review a new iPad app all about the D-Day landings I jumped at the chance.  Read more »

Review: Gems and Jewels iPad app

Carole Blake, joint-MD of literary agents Blake Friedmann has kindly reviewed the Gems and Jewels iPad app for FutureBook: By the time I was offered the code to review this app, I already owned it, having bought it the day it was released.  I had been waiting for it since it was casually mentioned in a talk at the FutureBook Conference last November, but I’d forgotten which publisher was cooperating with Touch Press in developing it.  Immediately the release was announced on Twitter I bought i Read more »

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