The Self-publishing Conversation is Changing: Report from the 2013 Self-publishing Summit

This weekend, I had the pleasure of addressing New Generation Publishing's Self-publishing Summit. The conference was laid out to take you through the process of self-publishing, with panels that took you in order through a general survey, editing, production, and finally marketing. I had been asked to talk on the first panel, and then the summary panel at the end, so whilst other panelists came and went, I got a fascinating insight into the whole picture. Read more »

Co-Publishing: The Third Way between Traditional Publishing and Self-Publishing ?

INTRO Thanks to the digital revolution new opportunities have arisen for both the traditional publishing and the self-publishing industries. The two businesses so far have been developing on two orthogonal paths without any relevant crossing. Read more »

Orna Ross, the Pudding Would Like a Word — @Porter_Anderson

The recipe I've found for Yorkshire Pudding calls for "four fresh eggs." Have you ever wondered why recipes always specify "fresh?" Would anyone knowingly go for four stale eggs? Never mind. Not the point of our time together here. Read more »

Author Solutions and Penguin Random House: The Real Deal?

We heard on Monday that the Penguin Random House merger has been approved in China; this, hot on the heels of the announcement, earlier this month, that Andrew Philllips had replaced Kevin Weiss as CEO of Author Solutions, the Penguin-owned, US and Philippines-based, self-publishing behemoth.  Two totally unrelated stories, no doubt.  Really?  Read more »

In response to Agent Orange

I am not so much a dyed in the wool as a tattooed in the lambshank self-publisher. I have turned down publishers for my last two books and will continue to do so (albeit appreciatively) as long as they are daft enough to come looking. So when several people on Facebook directed me to Agent Orange’s post, I was all set to join the cheerleading. Read more »

Self-Publishing vs Traditional Publishing – Time For the Truth

The self-publishing industry has boomed over the last year—or maybe more accurately has been accepted. And no-one on Twitter and with an interest in the book industry can have missed the deluge of articles hailing the sector—with an added kick at the apparently dead dog of traditional publishing for good measure. Read more »

Publishers: go hybrid!

People who know me, know that I like to draw comparisons with other industries to clarify where the book world is heading to. Usually, I do this with the music industry, simply because it has the most direct parallels, and at some other occasions the game industry and film world. The reason I do this, is not only because I’m convinced that they’ve already dealt with all the issues we are facing right now (meaning the digitization of our products and the introduction and implementation new business models), but also because I strongly believe in learning from other’s mistakes. Read more »

Don't Let's be Beastly to Publishers*

Great to see Iain Dale sticking it to the retailers. The reality is though that small publishers have been railing against WH Smith (among others) for years and years. For a small publisher a large order can represent a cash flow nightmare - a risk they have to take, but to see those books come back, months later in unopened boxes is more than dispiriting, it is a real threat to the health of their business. Read more »

Ebook publishing platforms are a joke

Over the last few months I’ve been preparing the launch of my ebook publishing experiment and taking notes on the process.

Studio Tendra, the first publishing experiment itself was launched a couple of weeks ago and, Heartpunk, the first book series, is off on a good start.

The first issue became obvious very early on and my experience over the first few weeks confirms it: existing ebook publishing platforms are a joke. Read more »

Small but perfectly formed - why independent publishers are good for authors

My mother always told me that ‘good things come in small packages’ – but then we are both five foot four – but I think it’s a great way of describing a lot of independent publishers.  Read more »

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