Adaptive, Attractive, Interactive: A New Chapter for Digital Textbooks

It sometimes seems that not a day goes by without another article on the death of the textbook. This is perhaps with good reason; the classroom of the future is one that’s connected, collaborative, and built around tablets and digital devices. That’s if it even exists physically; many point to MOOCs and virtualized learning environments as the way forward. Either way, the isolating world of the print textbook seems to be one that will soon be consigned to the dustbin.   Read more »

Digital textbooks challenge from US government

The Huffington Post reports that US Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Federal Communications Commission chairman Julius Genachowski have challenged schools and publishers to make the conversion to digital textbooks within five years. Now, on one level, this is straightforward enough - most educational publishers can do this now and already are, to some extent. But the elephant in the room is what they mean by 'digital textbook'. Read more »

Easing into ebooks

Print is dead, or so the headlines tell us. The ebook market is growing rapidly and gets lots of good headlines. We’d all like a share of that, but how do you get in? Read more »

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