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Review: The Waste Land iPad app

Rachael Beale has kindly reviewed The Waste Land iPad app for FutureBook: Rumours of the death of the enhanced ebook have been greatly exaggerated. While we wait for the EPUB3 standard to be finalised, adopted and developed for, book apps are continuing to emerge in the App Store, and none more eagerly anticipated - by me, at least - than Faber Digital's iPad app of The Waste Land. Read more »

Review: Gems and Jewels iPad app

Carole Blake, joint-MD of literary agents Blake Friedmann has kindly reviewed the Gems and Jewels iPad app for FutureBook: By the time I was offered the code to review this app, I already owned it, having bought it the day it was released.  I had been waiting for it since it was casually mentioned in a talk at the FutureBook Conference last November, but I’d forgotten which publisher was cooperating with Touch Press in developing it.  Immediately the release was announced on Twitter I bought i Read more »

The Bookseller's Digital Innovation Award goes to......

The great and the good of the book industry came together last night for The Bookseller Industry Awards. FutureBook sponsored the digital innovation award with the shortlist made up our innovation awards announced in March. Read more »

Review: Marcus Chown's Solar System app for iPad

Graeme Neill, The Bookseller's news editor reviews this app for FutureBook: One of Faber's first standalone's app is a surprising one. Instead of using its excellent literary backlist or perhaps something quirky based on QI or Harry Hill, it chose a look at the Solar System. Marcus Chown's the Solar System is an in-depth look at our immediate surroundings. The title screen features everything in the solar system from the Sun and Saturn to lesser known elements like Iapetus (one of Saturn's moons) to the Oort Cloud - a giant swarm of cometary nuclei that surrounds the solar system (what? Read more »

Appy days

Marcus Chown has kindly agreed to give an author's perspective on the development process of his new iPad app Solar System: It all began in a Soho restaurant in May. I remember it vividly because there had been a fire at BT's Paddington phone exchange -- some kind of national Internet hub -- and none of the chip-and-pin credit card machines in the restaurant were working. Henry Volans said: "Would you be interested in doing an iPad App based on one of your popular science books?" Read more »

Publishing is fun again!

FutureBook was the best publishing event I’ve been to in a long time: exciting, informative, full of lively and creative people. Now, finally, it is clear that digital HAS happened and is not some distant prospect which have to think about in the future.  Read more »

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