Responsive versus Adaptive Design

There are two key design approaches for the modern website. Both have pros and cons and a few considerations: Read more »

Crap Towns returns

One of the strange things about being a pioneer is that you don’t know you’re doing it. This time ten years ago, I was nervously awaiting the release of Crap Towns and to me it seemed like just another book. It was one that was obviously important to me personally, and one that I hoped would make people laugh and strike a few chords and possibly give a few corrupt local politicians and hopeless MPs a kick up the backside. But that was about as far as my thinking went. Read more »

Silver surfers and agile development

To paraphrase Rosamunde Pilcher, you don’t stop learning because you grow old, you grow old because you stop learning. It’s a sentiment that informs the Love to Learn series, a leisure learning series from Pearson aimed at the silver surfer, and everything we do in building the content and brand. The ‘silver surfer’ sector is the fastest growing online age-group and perhaps best described as the ageing, not elderly, part of the population. Read more »

Semantic Web Explained - simply

Here is a nice simple step by step intro to the Semantic Web - watch it and then you can speak with athourity on the subject!

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