Indie ebookstore Libiro launches

FutureBook asked Libiro's founder Ben Galley a few questions about the new ebookstore:-

What is Libiro? 

Libiro is a brand new eBook store dedicated to selling indie eBooks by indie authors, and nothing but. Founded and launched by myself, fantasy author Ben Galley, and web-designer Teague Fullick, it’s already open to authors wanting to submit their books for sale, and will launch to the general public on the 1st of September 2013.

Why did you contemplate launching an ebook store? What was the motivation behind it, as an author?

First off, I believe the market lacks a dedicated indie eBook store, especially one that is author-centric, and focused on promoting indie fiction. Libiro is designed to occupy that much-desired niche, and to become the No.1 place to shop if you want to find new and exciting indie fiction.

It’s also great to be offering a new platform to authors. In this crowded and noisy market, reach and awareness are very important. Indies can be drowned out in the busy ranks of enormous stores such as Amazon or iBooks. The focus at these stores is largely on traditionally published books - books that have the punch and weight of the publishing houses behind them. With a platform like Libiro, indie authors have a better chance to stand out, and therefore to make a living. That’s one of our primary priorities - to help keep writers writing.

As an author, it’s also great to be able to influence how an eBook store does business. Thanks to my experiences, both as an author and as a Watchdog for the Alliance of Independent authors, I know what it’s like from an indie’s point of view. I know what authors want, what they expect, what they’d like, and as one the founders, I get to drive all that knowledge straight into Libiro.

What do you offer that other ebook stores don’t?

Very simply, great royalties. We offer an 80% royalty rate to all authors, regardless of price, genre, or where an author’s based. It’s what underpins Libiro’s offering. We wanted to take the hit, so that authors could make more on each and every sale.

We’re also a very nimble company. Since we opened to authors last week, we’ve already received a huge amount of feedback. We’ve taken all of it on board, and already made some changes. Plainly put, we can react and change in a heartbeat, and hopefully stay ahead of the curve.

What are your plans for growth?

There are some great ideas in the pipeline for Libiro. Primarily, we want to help authors market themselves. Marketing is a tough job for any author, and it requires a lot of effort, know-how, and patience. The trick with marketing is the tools at an author’s disposal. Tools like information. As a wise man once said, knowledge is power.

Take a website for example - with today’s analytical tools, companies can find out not just how many visits their website has had, but who their visitors were, what keywords they used, what pages they visited, even what device and browser they used. With today’s eReader and eBook technology, it’s not far-fetched at all to consider analytics for books.

Imagine if authors could find out what pages their readers linger on, what pages they gave up on, where they bought the book, how they found out about it, or even what their email address was? Book analytics, in my opinion, would pave the way for smarter and more effective marketing, and therefore better sales. Libiro will try to take a step towards providing such information in the coming months.

Are you working with partners?

At the moment, no. The next few months will be key for Libiro, and we need to establish what we can do on our own, and build a strong foundation with just us founders and a handful of staff. However, we will be looking at forging partnerships in the future, as part of our expansion plans, so watch this space.

If you want to know more then you can chat to us at


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