Note from Culture Hack Day

A quick thought from Culture Hack Day...

I was lucky enough to be invited to speak at Culture Hack Day yesterday. Aside from acute cool-envy - everyone else was a maker of amazing stuffz - and the information that there will be a Book Hack Day in February in which the same assorted geniuses, maniacs, loons, visionaries and technologists will attempt to redefine the book for the next age, I came away with a simple bit of information which may make you feel a bit less alarmed about the digital side of things:

Basically, there was a huge amount of goodwill in the room towards books and even IP.

That's it. That's all I'm bringing you. But seriously, it's worth remembering and saying to yourself a few times each morning, especially if you're worrying about ebook TWOCing and so on. These are insanely intelligent, educated, cultured folks. They want to make the world better, not worse. They also, in most cases, make a living from IP in one form or another. They are frustrated by meaningless and pointless restrictions on the flow of data - the room was bewildered by the National Theatre's refusal to allow its showtimes and metadata to be used by anyone else - but they're not sitting around cooking up ways to undermine the concept of IP. Far from it.

It's probably time for our top bananas to go out and meet a few more of their top bananas and discover that they like the same beer and read the same books and really hate the same manufactured boybands. Because the other thing which was obvious was that there weren't many publishing types in the room. With luck, it won't be the same story in February. I don't have a link for Book Hack Day yet, but the man to follow is Paul Squires.

Once upon a time, publishing was a taste-based garage curation industry. It was ten guys with a heavy metal printing press. The hacking world - the world of building insane, gorgeous, pointless, wonderful, useful things - is exactly that right now. You have so much more in common with them than you could ever imagine if you don't show up.

Okay, that's the sermon for today. I'll hope to see you at my church of electronic love soon.

(And even as I type that I realise that it sounds SO wrong. But never mind.)


Book Hackday

Now live:

Info on the day (and the date!) along with a form to pre-register your interest.

Paul Squires, Perera (co-supporter BHD)

Book hack day

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Do you have details for that Book Hack Day? Sounds cool...



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