Review: Sticker Dolly Dressing App for iPad

Suzanne Collier from has kindly reviewed Usborne's first iPad app: I have to confess that the minute I saw Usborne tweet about this app I downloaded it - for me - as I thought it would be a fun. I also enlisted my 9 year old niece to review the app with me.

As soon as the app opens you choose a dolly to play with. You have a selection of five, some of which have darker skin, although none are Afro-Caribbean or Asian in appearance and all have blue eyes. You have the option to change your dolls name from the default and then you select your scene from a choice of 8 (wedding, beach, picnic, birthday party, riding stables, bedroom, nightclub, dress shop). In the nightclub and wedding scenes you can listen to a few bars of music but there seems no way to get this music to replay if you want it to.

You can modify your dolly slightly, changing her hair colour and style, but the choice of hair styles was strictly limited to five.  You can also change the skin colour of your doll, but it doesn't go really dark or really pale (as my niece kept telling me - I want this doll to look like you and you're REALLY pale Auntie). You don't seem to be able to change her eye colour from blue. 

The game involves dressing your dolly - choosing her dress from a varied selection or deciding if you wish her to wear a top and skirt/trousers.  You can modify the pattern of the outfit from a selection but you can't change the colours of the clothes (so we couldn't change the colour of the dress from red polka dots to black polka dots which would have been ‘really cool’). T

We felt disappointed with the selection of shoes on offer; not enough different shapes, styles or choices for girls of any age to choose from. Also some of the shoe colours don't exactly seem match the colours of the dresses. My niece especially commented on this, as she is at an age when everything has to precisely match.  This also applies to the handbags and accessories - real girls like a wide choice and one or two of the accessories (the red polka dot headband for example) didn't seem to fit properly onto dolly's head.

Within the scene you then select food, pets, furniture - such as cakes, drinks, dogs, cats, ladybirds, flowers, clock, mirror, deck chairs - the selection here is quite good.  The fun element is you can add all of this to whichever scene you wish (such as beach balls to the riding stables), and increase and decrease them in size, along with your dolly, and you are able to add up to four extra dolly friends which you can also dress up, giving you a quite a long playing time, if you so wish. You’re able to save your picture to play with and then update it again and again and email it as a jpg so you can share it with others (or indeed tweet).

I had quite a lot of fun playing with this on my own (and will definitely play with it again), and then double the fun with my niece as she first dressed a Suzanne doll and then we made a wedding scene, adding lots of dolly friends and deciding the bride had to marry an extra large portion of chocolate profiteroles as there was no suitable groom. 

If you were a fan of cut out dolly dressing books but hated the mess and wish to while away an afternoon relieving your youth you will love this app! Your offspring will also have great enjoyment and you'll have none of the stress of the danger of scissors, the horrors of accidentally cutting off dolly's head or losing any of the pieces. Shame about the lack of choice of shoes and handbags, but I guess we’ll have to compensate by going shopping…

Find out more about Usborne's Sticker Dolly Dressing App for iPad, here. 

Review by Suzanne Collier assisted by Tal Cohen age 9

Suzanne Collier is a writer and publishing consultant, mainly working with small independent publishers. She is the founder of, the careers management consultancy for the book and publishing industry.




My daughter (7) has used this

John Pettigrew's picture

My daughter (7) has used this app, too, and she rather enjoys it. It's not dressing the dolly that she likes so much as populating the scenes with all the extra add-ons that are available. It strikes me as one of those disposable apps - rather like the sticker books that it's based on. For a small price, it delivers a fair amount of use to its likely market.

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